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January 13th, 2006, 10:56 pm

In local news...

So I'm working on this comic page for a company in California (the details of which I'm forbidden to disclose), and to help the process read a few online tutorials for coloring with photoshop. Turns out I've been doing it so much the hard way. This said, you can bet the subsequent intermissions following future chapters are going to look even better than ever!
Now, the page I'm doing is basically a tryout for a job on one of this company's projects. If I get the job unfortunately this will take a whole lot of my time away from Pulp Stiktion. Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't be abandoning it, just might lag a bit on updates and stuff, because I won't have as much time to write. However, if I don't get the job, I have found a new appreciation for drawing comics, so I might just pull together some of my old ideas from the void of ideas that is my brain, and actually create some books. Whether these would be online or put out with the hopes of actual publishing is yet to be decided, but I definitely want to start spending more time on my drawing, my one true love (sorry, pie).
Also, about the "sweet-ass" camera I said I got for Christmas... Well, for those of you who don't know me let me start with a fact about myself: any technology I touch, eventually turns to crap. Some faster than others. I got a stereo a few years ago, speakers never worked. A CD-clock-radio a little over a year ago, now constantly buzzes to the point of preventing sleep. Various CD-walkmen that constantly skipped despite a supposed anti-skip feature. A car that more or less fell apart from under me, while at the same time getting me high on gasoline fumes.
The point of this little rant is that after only a few weeks of owning said camera, I turn it on yesterday only to find that the lense will no longer extend, rendering it essentially useless. So now I gotta return it. Luckily we've got a tonne of pictures already taken for the remainder of the chapter so hopefully this little fiasco won't slow us down none.
I guess that's it for now.


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