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January 23rd, 2007, 1:36 pm

Pulp Stiktion's Sold Separately

Pulp Stiktion is changing (for now)! Because Jordan and I are miles apart and rarely see each other, it is quite impossible, and rather impractical to continue PS's regularly scheduled storyline. However, I (like many of you) just can't shake my need for Stiktion. That's why I'm starting a new storyline, just until we are geographically reunited.

Enter "Pulp Stiktion's Sold Separately".

Continuing our beloved "toymic" style, and taking place in the same setting, Sold Separately follows two detectives on their quest to solve the murder of the House's top mobster, while unwittingly uncovering an even bigger plot: a house-wide slave trade operation!
It will be executed in a film noir style with a pinch Law and Order. Don't expect a lot of laughs, but I'll throw in a couple here and there.

While I'll be doing this mostly on my own, I can't take credit for the whole thing. I'll still be using many of the STIKFA characters Jordan helped to create, including the main villain, which was a stroke of his genius, and I hope you all enjoy him as much as I do. Also Jordan will be making a background for the comic pages themselves, and I will of course consult him on certain story elements.

Updates will come when I do them, as I'm already working on several other more important projects simultaneously, so there are no set days to expect them.

I think I've covered all the basics. I guess all that's left is to say "enjoy"!

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